Celebrate Amsterdam

Blog 30 - Amsterdam

Reasons to LOVE Amsterdam?

1. It is the perfect summer holiday destination. Almost all flight routes lead to this city of legal weed. But that is not the reason to be there. Amsterdam is a bit of OTT on festivals. Every summer, festival chasers land here and, I promise you, there will never be a “what do we do tonight” moment. Over 300 festivals of various genres spring up around the city. So no matter when you visit, there’s bound to be something going on. From huge dance music events to foodie fests and cultural carnivals, Amsterdam is always ready to get you on your feet.

2. Love the idea of an open-air theatre? Then this is the place to live that dream. Beginning in July and typically running through to September, a selection of Amsterdam institutions take the world of celluloid outdoors, mixing up film classics with new releases and setting them against a backdrop of some of Amsterdam’s top scenic sights. So choose a deckchair, snuggle up with a blanket and get ready to enjoy some great cinema in the great outdoors.

3. Camp and barbeque in a public space. Now, that’s one thing you will not get to do on Marine Drive or in Lodi Gardens. Bring your own cold cuts and sausages and smoke ’em. If you are not the slumming kind, you can go all elite and camp inside a sculpture built on a beach. It is kind of an artsy. It’s the kind of event you can brag about on Instagram. Urban Campsite is an open-air art exhibition where you get to spend the night in unusual objects, strange huts and artsy pods. Don’t worry, the usual conveniences of a campsite are in place, plus you get to be a part of the artistic venture. Literally. If I were you I would be booking my space now, it runs only through August.

4. Looking for some foodie adventure? You have come to the right place. And yes, this is the selfie moment. For a limited edition period during summer, you can take a boat to a nearby deserted island. There will be a four-course meal prepared for you and served in a specially constructed greenhouse. Almost seems like a plot from one of those scary Japanese movies? No. It is for real, and the pop-up restaurant experience on Vuurtoreneiland (“Lighthouse Island”) is a popular culinary draw, so book in advance.

5. This is my favourite reason: Amsterdam is home to the tallest people in the world. Yes, it’s true. Put it down to their healthy eating habits and, obviously, their DNA, the people of Amsterdam have been measured as the tallest in the world. Perfect if you’re searching for someone tall and handsome… but if you are anywhere below 5 feet tall follow my tip: don’t stand and have long conversations — it will surely give you a crick in the neck.