Sneaking Into Style

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When comfort marries luxury, it becomes a reason to rejoice. After all, countless souls have been victims of the sweet pain of sky-high heels! Considered a fashion faux pas not long ago, sneakers were regarded as too casual, too sporty and infra dig. Clubs, boardrooms and even yachts have a strict no-sneakers rule. But the runways of all major high-end fashion houses seem to be flaunting their comfort quotients and that too without losing their own brand identity.

Kicks, sneakers, trainers, whatever you may call them, have been evolving for the tastes and likes of new age consumers that are young, hip and concerned about comfort and individuality. There is a fine line that has been drawn between casual and pret.

When fashion houses such as Versace come out with trainers in classic shapes but on the same hand accentuated with metal and stitch details, it is hard not to notice. The Milan runway was proof of all that Versace has to offer. This fashion house has given the fashion conscious what they needed to take them from the boardroom to the polo grounds with ease. Tanned leather, rubber soles and classic tie up laces not only give off a boyish charm but also a clean look.

Where Versace draws inspiration from space, many more brands are looking at their iconic styles for inspiration and reinventing themselves for a wider appeal. Aesthetics and a certain retro charm do seem to work for brands such as Dsquared 2 and the Amsterdam fashion brand Filling Pieces.

Suede, nylon positioned with metal and iconic soles put Dsquared 2 as one of the most sought after brands with a wide range of colours in men’s and women’s footwear. A very playful palate and functional design that focuses on comfort make the 551 hard to resist.

When designer Guillaume Philbert created the low top sneaker, I’d wager he did not anticipate that his designs would go on to create a coveted niche. Filling Pieces looks at the architecture of every shoe and the best of leather and is not hard to see why Barneys and Mr Porter were more than happy to collaborate with this brand.

By the looks of it, the sneakers in all their revamped glory are here to stay. No longer would one need to worry about changing footwear according to occasion and venue. Trainers are going to be the choice of footwear that can transition effortlessly from formal to casual and vice versa. But this trend definitely does not mean that you can get away with wearing your gym shoes to a nightclub or a gentleman’s club! With chic designs, the choicest materials and some classics reinvented, luxe sneakers have finally put a foot in the door to the elite club and no one will be turning up their noses at them anytime soon.


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