Sundowner Style

Blog 23 - Sundowner

By Devika Kodasi

Nothing thrills me more than a pitcher of margarita, lounging next to a beach, watching the sun go down. Add to it a nice stream of EDM, a well-dressed crowd and good food, and the day could not end on a better note. It is the magical hour of the day between 5 PM to 8 PM when it’s not too early to start drinking with a beautiful sunset to view. Imagine a rooftop pub, good music and a view that is equally scintillating. What a wonderful way to wind up the day. But, what do you wear to such an evening?

The general rule for a sundowner is dressing up in smart casuals, which does not mean showing up in Bermuda shorts and for the love of God, stay away from those dreadful Crocs!

So how do we define smart casuals? Where casuals are still easy to choose from — jeans to regular tees to even shorts — smart casuals still need some planning.

Opt for cotton shirts, pin stripped or windowpane. Small prints work as well and when you are in doubt just pick a nice oxford shirt. Polo shirts and crew neck sweatshirts are a decent choice as well. But strictly stay away from velour. For when it is winter and perfect weather for a sundowner, a cable knit sweater, tweed jackets or maybe even a cashmere cardigan look very classy.

When choosing your bottoms keep in mind ‘fitted’ is good, ‘tight’ is not. Denims are fine but wear a darker tone and keep away from frays and acid washes. An ideal choice would be a pair of khaki chinos or linen pants and even a pair of corduroys when there is a nip in the air. But nothing spells disaster more than a wrinkled piece of clothing, no matter how stylish or expensive it is.

You can never go wrong with loafers. Choose from neutral colours like brown, camel or black. High-top sneakers or even leather sandals can be worn. Stay away from anything Croc or Birkenstocks. Canvas espadrilles (and the leather ones from Louboutin) are a great choice that can dress up any ensemble.

Lastly, it is essential to accessorise in the right manner. A nice scarf draped around the neck or a muffler adds extra pizzazz. Say no to cufflinks and neckties (leave them in the car if you are heading out straight from work). Always wear a belt with pants (not necessary with jeans, though) but definitely not the ones with those big flashy buckles. A pair of Aviator sunglasses and a classy leather strap watch is definitely the way to sign off on your sundowner style statement.