An Ode To Totes

Blog 22 - Totes

A purse, a clutch or even a cross-body, no matter how many of those you may have, your wardrobe will be incomplete without a couple of Totes. From the Louis Vuitton Neverfull to the gorgeous Givenchy tote, you find totes of all sizes and shapes on the arms of celebrities. Through the years, tote bags have evolved and today we have a surprisingly vast range of tote bags to choose from.

A tote is known being spacious and is popular for everyday use, work and as a choice for a trendy yet functional bag. Although these bags are mostly used to go shopping, but as their designs and styles expanded, there are now options including beach tote, sports, mini and even luxury variants. However, the first type of tote bag to become popular was the classic canvas tote bag.

Canvas tote bags are popular for their practicality and sturdiness. Check out Tri-coastal design bags, Burberry, LV canvas totes with leather trims and even Stella McCartney has some fun designs. Some are also treated to resist moisture and mould, to last long and withstand wear and tear. Valentino came out with some stunning totes in their Stud and Camouflage collections.

Leather Totes are definitely a style statement. Fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci, Fendi and Dior have long been associated with not only their iconic bags but also offering a wide choice of shoppers and totes as well. The Chanel Grand Shopper has been the ‘It Bag’ for many decades while Givenchy and Fendi reinvented themselves and released the Givenchy Antigona tote and the Fendi 2Jours that changed the way people carried totes. Usually available in different sizes, leather totes are best carried at the minimal due to the maintenance that leather requires. It is definitely heartbreaking to see the signs of wear-and-tear at the seams and at the bottom of the bag. Luxury brands are now, more than ever, focused on pleasing a younger crowd and can be seen releasing a series of charms and accessories to accentuate a simple tote. The most fashionable and wanted tote accessory recently was the Karlito doll by Fendi.

Beach Tote Bags

Totes for the beach look best in straw, canvas, PVC and jute in sailor stripes of white and blue or prints of shells and fish. Do choose a material that can endure the sun, water and the sand. Considering a beach tote should be able to carry many essential items, like your beach towels, sunscreen, shades, clothes etc., look for something like the LV Neverfull that has ample space. Michael Kors and Tory Burch are known to do beautiful prints for their cruise collections.


Mini Tote Bags

The purpose of this tote bag is not to double up as an overnight bag but to just help you pack your essentials. The smaller compartments come very handy especially when travelling to keep your boarding pass and passport and works like a charm for a formal work occasion by helping you be a tad more organised. Check out Celine mini luggage tote for inspiration.

Sports Tote Bags

If actress Diane Kruger can carry her tote to her yoga class, well then so can you! And it’s far more stylish than a gym bag. Your tote can pack in everything from your yoga pants and water bottle to a protein shake. Do look for materials that have good durability.


When choosing a tote consider certain factors: What is the purpose of the tote? Do you need it as a shopper, a beach bag, gym bag, and an accessory to up your style or maybe an all-in-one? According to your needs, you can then decide what material and style that you would like the most. Totes can also be chosen according to the closure method (zippers, ties, buttons, clasps or none at all) though it is preferable to have at least one zipped compartment to stash in your valuables.


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