Ripped & Rugged

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The season has never been hotter for distressed jeans. That studied, clinical construction of an aesthetic of wear and tear is the key to up your cool quotient. Jeans that are ripped exude a devil-may-care kind of attitude. Just the amount of lackadaisical the ladies love. Here’s the bottom line, if distressed jeans look good on you, anything can look good on you. Also, Kurt Cobain gave them the ultimate head nod in the 80’s and 90’s.

Here are some tips on how to wear you rips, stains and other war medals.

Living in a pair of jeans  — and by that, we mean breathing, eating, sleeping, etc – in order to make them look suitably aged is not an option many have the patience for. Fortunately, the market and design gods are kind enough to offer us a wide range of options.

So, for those who want to cheat, selvedge denims, pre-distressed with beautiful fadings, whiskers, honeycombs, stains and denim patches are some of the options to pick from. To give you the lowdown on these terms: Selvedge is the edge of denim fabric as produced on a shuttle loom, and is commonly used in the outseam or in details of expensive jeans. The outseam may resist fraying, but selvedge itself has no significant impact on denim durability. Washes are basically the amount and type of dye in pre-washed jeans. And pre-distressed just means your jeans were distressed and faded in a factory. Whiskers are the lines that appear as creases. And honeycombs are when whiskers make intricate patterns, usually behind and on the sides of your knees.

Choose from knee slashes and subtle abrasions with brands like 7 For All Mankind, Diesel, Topman, Zara, Rock Revival or PRPS. Designers also do funky things today with pre-distressing that don’t necessarily mimic natural wear patterns like Rock Revival’s ‘Ernest Alternative’ Tie Dye jeans. The heavy whiskering on True Religion’s ‘Billy’ Bootcut jeans or Geno jeans accentuates and works with the wear-and-tear that happens on jeans naturally, on your body.

Simple knee rips go perfectly with a white T-shirt and kicks. Wear these even to work with a sports jacket or blazer. Just Cavalli’s range of distressed bleached slim fits gives you a light and airy all around distressing. And DSquared’s Ripped & Repaired slim fits are, as the name suggests, even roughly repaired for a little more oomph. Who doesn’t love paint splattered and ripped-and-repaired distressing on stylishly mangled stretch-denim jeans?

Just remember, the more rips you have, the simpler the rest of your getup should be. Juxtapose your rips with an oxford shirt, cable knit jumper and brogues, for a smart-casual weekend outfit. Embrace colour, or the lack of it, with whites and greys, that also look super sexy ripped and washed. And for those who really dig the biker vibe, distressed black denims, a leather jacket and chunky boots are on point. You just got character and an edgy look in one fell swoop.