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Blog 16 - 7FAM Foolproof Denim

7 For All Mankind prides itself on denim innovation, particularly when it comes to fit, fabric and finish. The brand’s Fall 2013 launch of its Luxe Performance denim simultaneously ushered in a whole new category and standard of denim; the birth of Luxe Performance caused a new paradigm in the way male consumers think about and wear denim. The brand has mastered shape retention and is known for soft hand-feel, but what else should be considered? What about shrinkage? What about care? Is there a jean that won’t change shape, regardless of daily wash or wear? The answer is FOOLPROOF.

The company is proud to continue its pursuit for the latest in denim development; this time it’s all about practicality. FOOLPROOF represents the groundbreaking new era of men’s everyday luxury denim. One can wear it for days and wash/dry it unfazed.

Made from a revolutionary new process that relaxes denim before finishing, FOOLPROOF eliminates the opportunity for growth after wear and shrinkage after washing at the core, unlike typical “preshrunk” finishes which only minimally adjust shrinkage.
“Denim itself is the ultimate everyday essential,” said Barry Miguel, President of 7 For All Mankind. “Yet, it’s when luxury meets everyday essentials that something terrific happens. Through innovation, we are able to add true luxury to denim, with practicality in wash and wear. This is the next game-changer for men here at 7FAM and a strategic advantage for the brand.”

“Exceptional everyday comfort meets an incredible fabric that is resistant to changing shape. When you add in the element of ease of care, this is literally the perfect fabric,” said Miguel. “The unique blend of fibers are woven together by a patented machine which eliminates the opportunity for error without sacrificing comfort.” These properties make the denim so special and resistant to change. FOOLPROOF Denim is exclusive to 7 For All Mankind, impossible to reproduce and represents the first of its kind in an exciting new category the brand is calling Intelligent Luxury Denim.

FOOLPROOF denim represents the brand’s biggest launch since Luxe Performance and is meticulously designed with the everyday guy’s lifestyle in mind. The brand changed the game of denim with Luxe Performance and now they’re doing it again. FOOLPROOF denim has real value. Practical. Undeniable. Indestructible. Utmost Reliable.

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