The Travel Edit – Bad Ragaz

Blog 10 - Bad Ragaz

By Neena Haridas

First the disclaimer: I am not yet a young 80 Mrs Millionaires. Nor am I an Olympian winter skiing champ. But yes, I love the fine things in life. Give me a sauna, a spa, a good looking personal trainer and room with a view of the Alps, consider me sold.

So, that is how I ended up at the Bad Ragaz resort, close to Davos, in Switzerland. It’s a hop, flight and a train ride away from India – in that order.
But before you get disheartened by the lack of a direct flight, here is why you should take that ride.

The water in Bad Ragaz comes with the promise of youth. Yes, seriously. The resort is the place you come to look young, healthy and sprightly thanks to its access to the natural thermal water gorge. No, you don’t have to jump into the gorge, anymore, like they did in the 17th century. Now, all you have to do is waddle in the swimming pools filled with mineral water that has been redirected through underground pipelines.

Those not interested in waddling and water yoga that cures (experience says) your frozen shoulder from carrying that Bottega (or was it the LV?), head straight to the Swarovski spa. But before you do that take off your clothes. It’s a nude spa. So you can get well steamed and sauna-ed before you step out for the special massage and diet — all aimed at shaving off a few years and lard off your face and body. If those wrinkles are a tad adamant, there are some direct iron and vitamins waiting to be pumped into you intravenously. No pain, all gain.

But if you are the wicked kind, then I have the right recipe for you. Dinner. My favourite among the 12-odd restaurants in the complex is the very traditional and old Swiss restaurant Abtestube (built 150 years ago) best known for its sinful blue cheese fondue. My host is my good doctor Dr Christian Schelgal who fancies himself as a bit of a wine maker on the side (while taking care of the nuclear medicine department). So, my wine for the evening was a Riesling from his garden.

Advice: next time you are anywhere near Switzerland, hoard a crate or two. Tell the French and the Italians to take a poncy jump at the moon (with the right glass of course)!

There is nothing more exhilarating than letting life takes its unnatural course. Oh did I mention that the water in your room comes from the gorge of elixir? Yes, you can just fill that extra king-size tub and plunge in and read a book while the minerals work on your muscles, joints, skin and voila – in four weeks, your mirror will tell you the rest of the story. If you are still a bit iffy about that nose, there is a battery of specialist who will help you fix that.

So go ahead and take the thermal plunge, and rediscover your youth and health. I discovered peace.