Pursuing Perfection

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Santoni Shoes: quality, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection and creativity. These are the elements that, even in the presence of unending stylistic change, have transformed this craft into an art form. Shapes, structures, processes and techniques that arise not only from the experience and an innate aptitude for elegance but a true culture of the fine footwear.


Master craftsmen employ original tint recipes to apply up to 15 different colours to the leather, in a process that may require many hours of labour. The first colour is applied by hand to the leather and left to be absorbed. That is followed by subsequent applications with a wool cloth, which are always performed slowly and in a vertical direction.


For forty years, the craftsmen have created unique products, and the brand’s dedication to excellence is a testament to the standards of Italian manufacturing. Transformed with wisdom and respect for the best materials, the brand creates and refines traditional techniques to meet new customer expectations with creativity, innovation and continuous research.


The highest grade Italian leather meets the personalised, recognisable and unique style of Santoni footwear – making it a masterpiece for the ages

The distinctive features of the pure ‘Made in Italy’ legacy remained unchanged through time. Quality, passion for details and rigorous handmade workmanship are the core elements of distinction from its competitors in the exclusive club of the most famous and recognisable luxury brands of the world.

When you wear a pair of Santoni shoes, you have truly stepped into a higher dimension of exclusivity.

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