Introducing Elliot Rhodes

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Bespoke and innovative, Elliot Rhodes creates beautiful luxury leather belts and buckles in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles to suit all tastes. Unique to the brand’s offer is an interchangeable system which gives customers the freedom to choose a belt strap of their desired width, colour and finish and match with one or more buckles to reflect their personal style.

Elliot Rhodes’ look is one of beautiful full grain leather of the highest quality with eye-catching buckles and designs ranging from classic, elegant and refined to glamorous, quirky and dazzling. In addition, every belt is custom fitted in store to provide the perfect fit. All belts are made exclusively in Italy and Spain by skilled craftsmen using traditional belt-making techniques.

The buckles are designed in house and sourced globally from a selection of skilled makers from Italy, France, the UK and USA and are created using a variety of materials including gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and a variety of semi-precious collectables.

Buckle making remains a highly artisanal trade, with original designs still sculpted by hand in wax and the more ornate buckles having enamels, crystals and special finishes applied by hand. This gives each buckle its own innate character, lustre and individuality.

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